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Earn with the power of Bitcoin

Unleash the full potential of decentralized trading with our native Bitcoin DEX. Earn real yield and leverage the security, capital, and network of layer 1 Bitcoin.


Check your email for our onboarding guide, and keep an eye out for whitelist instructions!

A real yield, native Bitcoin DEX

BitFlow removes malicious middlemen through smart contracts and decentralized liquidity pools, eliminating the need for trust in a central entity.

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Proof of HODL

BitFlow rewards Bitcoiners through non-custodial DLCs while also enabling them to earn yield through trustless Bitcoin pools.


Bitcoin Layers

Bitcoin layers offer the largest untapped market for decentralized apps, enabling scaling, privacy, and new use cases.


Bitflow lets Bitcoin become a productive asset, pioneering decentralized BTC applications; The sBTC peg mechanism by Stacks Protocol (L2) is a significant step towards fully-expressive smart contracts with high security and a global ledger, backed by 100% of Bitcoin security.


Your Keys
Your Coins
Your Yield

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