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A Decentralized Stable Swap Protocol Generating Rewards for Native Bitcoin HODLers.

Provide liquidity to stable pairs or stake native BTC on chain, & watch the yield flow in.

BitFlow is Designed to do Two Things Really Well:

1) Handle efficient stable coin swaps

2) Generate rewards for native Bitcoin HODLers

On-Chain Guarantees:​​

Trustless & Open Participation.

No minimum amount to get started.

No time requirements on lock up period.

No trusted middlemen taking custody of your tokens.

Would you sign a contract that you can't read?

Built on Stacks

Secured by Bitcoin

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How Do We Pull This Off?

The yield comes from modest fees that are collected from traders who use BitFlow's decentralized exchange. While your BTC is locked up, the protocol represents it as wrapped BTC on Stacks. But your BTC doesn't care about that at all!


When it's time for you to collect, the protocol destroys an equal amount of wrapped BTC on the other chain. The amount of yield each HODLer can claim is proportional to how much BTC was locked up relative to peers. All of this is verifiable because the Clarity smart contract code is stored on chain for anyone to review. 

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