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Stable Swap Pools
on Bitcoin

A decentralized stable swap protocol that generates rewards for liquidity providers & native Bitcoin holders.


Earn Yield on Price-Stable assets

As a liquidity provider earn competitive yields on price-stable assets such as xUSD/USDA

Lowest Trading Fees in DeFi

Swap tokens using an AMM that's optimized for deep liquidity pools & the lowest fees

Earn yield on your native BTC

Earn a yield on native BTC without giving up custody or wrapping it. Powered by DLCs

Boost Your LP Rewards

As a liquidity provider, boost your rewards using Native BTC Held in Non-Custodial Escrow.

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Sign Up For Beta Access by 11/01

Check your email for the latest update, and keep an eye out for whitelist instructions!

Your Keys.

Your Coins.

Your Yield.

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How it works


With BitFlow’s Design.. the LPs, who are verified BTC holders, have access to boosted rewards.


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